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About Us

Our Experience


Ebony has proven experience in various fields and industries:


• In infrastructure, we have completed numerous projects including electricity projects, town planning support, roads and traffic design, implementation of solar energy systems, deployment of telecom, IT and energy infrastructure, providing housing solutions, and more.

• In  Healthcare project development and introduction of innovative medical services is a key aspect in our activity. Our seasoned team of senior managers and consultants have successfully designed , equipped and operated hospitals and clinics in Israel and several countries in Africa.

• In telecommunications, we served as the successful integrator of services in the areas of fixed and mobile phone systems.

• Our energy, oil, and gas branch involves us as an investor, constructor, and as an integrator, with proven experience in hydro power, wind turbines, solar energy, co-generation, and more.


• We also operate in providing solutions for environmental and water challenges, agriculture, medical projects, and more.


• We are experienced with hundreds of successful projects in homeland security, defense, intelligence, and cyber security. Our homeland security and defense branch operates globally through a strong network of cooperation with governments, military and police, local administrations, and others.