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About Us

Ebony Enterprises Ltd

Ebony Enterprises operates in various countries, executing different projects for various customers and fields, and offers fast and accurate solutions for complex problems. Ebony is dedicated to meeting all the needs of our clients in a quick, precise, and efficient manner, with a concentration in providing solutions for procurement both locally and globally. 

We provide guidance and will help you locate supplies and provisions needed for your business and can drastically shorten delivery times. We are connected globally to a wide array of suppliers, allowing flexibility and quick problem solving in a multitude of diverse areas. We build long-term supply chains while focusing on the needs and budgets of your organization, putting an emphasis on our commitment to the highest standards. We believe in four main tenets: Quality, Speed, transparency, and cost-efficiency.

Ebony recognizes its clients as people rather than organizations, with specific needs that demand personal, tailored solutions. Our treatment therefore is always warm and personal as we aim to help you maximize your business potential while we completely handle your procurement procedures and tasks, as well as all your other needs, from A to Z so that you can focus solely on running your business.

What We Do

Often times our clients know what they want but aren’t sure what they need to get there. We offer long-term advice and guidance to help our clients reach their ultimate goals and procurement needs.

Seamless Workflow

The client experiences the purchasing process as simple, quick, and efficient

Anything, Anywhere

We are experts in locating, obtaining, and managing obsolete items as per our clients’ needs.

No Shortages

Our connections, warehouses, and inventory lower the chance of product shortages, ensuring purchases arrive in tact and on time

Client First

We help our clients figure out what they need, when, and how much

Ebony’s main focus is procurement operation solutions that enables our experienced team to pinpoint even the most obsolete items, get the best possible deal without compromising the high quality of the product, and deliver to you in the shortest time frame possible.


Company Experience


Ebony specializes in managing logistics for all parties involved, whether manufacturers, importers, or exporters. We work together with you to understand your needs and then tailor the best and most efficient solutions for the entire supply chain and streamline it to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your company.

IT Services

Ebony is an expert in developing and managing computer and communication infrastructure. We aid our clients in managing their servers and networks and provide end-to-end tailor-made computer solutions and services.

Global supply chain

We provide logistics and distribution services and solutions locally and globally and offer end-to-end handling of your global supply chain, from the smallest startups to the largest corporations. We see you through the supply chain from the very first purchase order to the final distribution in the farthest warehouse, be it express, air, or sea shipping.

 is a pioneer Israeli company operating in Africa in the fields of: international trade and development; project implementation, integration, and financing; and investment banking.